3.062” Superlight Replacement Case - 22 lbs

3.062” Superlight Replacement Case - 22 lbs

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Lightweight. Strong. Those two words typically don’t go together when describing performance racing components. Now add the word ‘Economical’ into the mix and you’ve just described the newest Moser Engineering nodular case. This direct replacement case is perfect for those circle track racers and street rodders concerned about saving unsprung weight without sacrificing strength. The Moser 9” ‘Super Light’ Case weighs in at under 22 lbs! In fact, it is almost 2 lbs lighter than most OEM stock cases, but much stronger. Intended for low to medium horsepower applications (up to 600 hp), it is made from the same strong nodular material used in our hi-performance drag racing case. Utilizing 1?2” main cap bolts, this case is reinforced around the pilot bearing, and utilizes a 3.062” diameter carrier bearing. Save weight...save money...without sacrificing strength. Order your Moser 9” ‘Super Light’ Case today!Application: 3.062” Superlight Replacement Case - 22 lbs

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