Comp Eliminator Chute - 420

Comp Eliminator Chute - 420

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Stroud Drag Chutes

Stroud Safety is the leader in the non-rigid aerodynamic decelerator field (i.e. drag chutes). These chutes were designed from the start to be user friendly. Stroud Safety has over 35 years experience in parachute design and manufacture. After much exhaustive testing and refinement, the Stroud system was developed.

The Stroud Drag Chute is designed to open very reliably and softly, pull straight, stop sooner and pack very easily by one person in 4 or 5 minutes. The Stroud system does not pull the car off the ground. It pulls low and straight back. With its special deployment system, this chute will open much softer and much more reliably, stopping your car in much less distance than conventional chutes.

Stroud Safety has a chute for every need, with over 50 styles available.
Drag Chute Sizing

Use the following formula and information to determine what your drag chute needs are going to be. However, this formula is only a guide. Call us to find out exactly what you need.

  • Drag chutes only understand two things: weight and speed.

  • Body styles do enter into the picture.

  • You can figure out how much canopy you need and match it to your class by using the formula below. Remember, this is only a guide.

((Weight of car, in pounds) X (Speed, in mph)) 1,000

For example: (1,600 X 150) 1,000 = 240

This is the MAX limit for S/C. If you have a higher number than this, you require a stronger chute.
Class                        Calculation            Chute Part Number
S/C 240 or less 21-0400
S/G 330 or less 21-0410
C/E 400 or less 21-0420
P/S 460 or less 21-0430
Alcohol / Fuel Rail Must use 2 chutes 21-0450
Alcohol / Fuel Funny Must use 2 chutes 21-0470

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